SaruTobi Island Released!

I am pleased to announce the release of SaruTobi Island for iOS and Android

The main focus of SaruTobi Island is to promote the usage and usability of blockchain game items, specifically counterparty tokens. You can use any counterparty token to summon original monsters in SaruTobi Island. If you are a Spells of Genesis player or a RarePepe collector you may enjoy your tokens in SaruTobi Island as well by simply linking with your IndieSquare or Book of Orbs wallet (you can also use your counterparty 12 word phrase with IndieSquare and Book of Orbs.

This release of SaruTobi Island is an initial release and the story/battle modes are unfinished. We plan to use funds raised from the game to develop chapter II more info on how you can support the crowdfund and the future road map can be found below “Crowdfund and Chapter II!

Collaboration with IndieSquare

Now that SegWit has activated on the bitcoin network we are excited to work with IndieSqaure on a new venture called “SaruTobi Laboratory”

SaruTobi Laboratory is an experimental area inside SaruTobi Island which will feature mini games that experiment with payment channels and other crypto currencies. Working together with IndieSquare we hope to create exciting layer 2 use cases and prototypes, more info can be found here

Collaboration with Spells of Genesis and Book of Orbs

You are now able to use your Bitcrystals trading SaruTobi tokens inside Book of Orbs! We have issued some unique card for SaruTobi Island available to get now on our swapbot.
We hope to work closely with Spells of Genesis and offer some cross-game compatible tokens between our two projects




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