I am pleased to announce the re-launch of SaruTobi using the lightning network
To try it out please join the SaruTobi channel on the MintGox Discord
https://discord.gg/sdsTv8uD where links will be provided

What is SaruTobi?

SaruTobi is a game I developed back in 2014, it is a simple casual style game that involves tapping the screen to build up momentum and swing a monkey (SaruTobi is Japanese for Monkey Fly!), the aim of the game is to use a combination of power ups and skill to see how far you can make the monkey fly.

Back in 2014 I had…

The history of value transfer in games

There is a strong historical precedent to argue that value transfer has always been an integral part of what makes games fun to play. But, whereas games have evolved into the digital age, the medium of value transfer between players has not. This leaves an enormous hole in the modern gaming experience.

Let us take you back to 1549 when the missionary Francis Xavier arrived in Japan. Xavier is cited as the first westerner to introduce playing cards to the Japanese population. Like today, cards were predominantly used in gambling activities, and this was no different in ancient Japan. Eventually…

TLDR: Using a java wrapper around bitcoind and LND with gomobile you can run a fully validating bitcoin node on your android device


The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how it is possible for a user to run their own Bitcoin and Lightning full node on their consumer Android OS device such as their smart phone or smart TV. This has been realised recently by the Japanese lightning company Nayuta, and the wallet implementing this is available for public beta test now by clicking here https://nayuta.co/wallet


The three main components used are stated below however recognition should…

Just wanted to give an update on the various projects i’ve been teasing about on twitter as I have been getting a few DMs asking about them.

Lightning Games

The three lightning games I developed as part of the bitcoin2019 hackathon attracted some interest from investors I can’t say much at this point in time but hopefully I will be able to get the extra resources need to develop these into professional games which I would love to demo at the lightning conference.

Android Full Node Lightning App

I recently did a crowdfunding campaign to help fund development of a full node bitcoin and lightning wallet that…

HOLD invoices are a great addition to the LND lightning implementation stack and open up a range of new use cases. In a nutshell HOLD invoices allow a payer to make a payment to an invoice in which the payee can withheld the final state/completion of the payment until they decide to cancel or settle the payment. If they cancel the payment the amount is returned back to the payer, if they settle they complete the payment and receive the funds. It seems the initial use case for HOLD invoice is in a merchant situation. For example using a typical…

TLDR: Full bitcoin and lightning node running on Android os, video example below!

Full Article

I admit it’s a bit of a click baity title but the purpose of this article is to demonstrate how it is possible for a user to run their own Bitcoin and Lightning Full Node on their consumer Android OS device such as their smart phone or smart TV.

I am a firm believer that if you aren't running your own full node then you aren't really using bitcoin, however I appreciate the obvious barrier to entry of running a full bitcoin node let alone a…

SarutTobi Chapter III has been released!

The main update contains a continuation of the story and opens up the castle, in which SaruTobi must navigate in order to steal a magical gem stone. There is also a small amount of bitcoin hidden in the game which has not yet been swept!

Lightning Store added to SaruTobi Island

Visit the lab and talk to “Beefstew” to buy coins and special Bitcoin hats via the lightning network. We recommend using the Eclair wallet on android or if you don’t have a working mobile lightning wallet you can purchase redeemable codes from the desktop store


Original SaruTobi Game

First of all a massive thank you to the sarutobi players who have supported the game these past few years, SaruTobi was first launched back in late 2013 and initially was a way for me to play around with bitcoin in gaming. Initially my first intention was to allow the user to buy game items with bitcoin however due to Apple’s restriction on allowed payment methods it switched to sending the player small bitcoin tips. Initially the tips were supplied by donation and paid out around $0.1 -$0.10 now and then to players. However donations eventually slowed down and the…

I have being posting about several projects I am working on recently and just wanted to give an overall update on the state of them as much has been announced but little is publicly/production ready.

As many of you know Mandel Duck is something I do in my spare time and my day job is working on IndieSquare and Book of Orbs projects. Recently due to commitments with my day job I have been absent from working on Mandel Duck projects. In addition to this, updates I intend to make for Mandel Duck projects require certain tech and infrastructure to…

SaruTobi Island was recently updated to include a few new things

1.Chapter II

Continue the story with chapter II, join the pirate captain and sail a way on a new adventure! if you get stuck (which im sure you will) make sure to check out the hints page

2. New special monsters

Three new special monsters have been added to the game, these can be summoned by dropping two of a certain token.

Using 2 MANDELDUCKCDs during summoning will create the Mandel Duck monster, he may look week but beware his powerful special attack.

BONDY Collaborating with the KIZUNA charity in Japan a special…

Mandel duck

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